• LAW CALL is provided by TPSA as a benefit of membership to assist you with any legal concerns or problems you encounter.

 • LAW CALL is provided to help you by answering your legal questions and helping you find the right attorney, if one is needed. We encourage you to call      whenever you think they can be of assistance.

 • HELPLINE is available if you have questions you want to ask an attorney. You may call and speak with an attorney for FREE to address your issues or           concerns. You may call as often as you desire.

 • REFERRALS are available if you need to hire an attorney. LAW CALL will help you find the right attorney by referring you to someone who                        specializes  in your area of need.

The referral attorney will provide you with:

 • An initial consultation up to 30 minutes, FREE of charge

 • A 25% reduction to his/her standard billing rate for all work performed on your behalf


Who will know about my problem?

LAW CALL is built on confidentiality. Any and all discussions with LAW CALL and any attorney you speak with through LAW CALL is strictly confidential.

Is there a charge for LAW CALL'S services?

No. All of LAW CALL services are provided by TPSA to you at no cost. Should you decide to retain an attorney referred by LAW CALL, only then, after an initial consultation with the referral attorney, you will incur any legal fees for work performed on your behalf by that attorney.

How do I reach Law Call?

Call the toll free number (844) 361-3254. Tell them you are a member of the Texas Package Stores Association and give them your member number. If you don't know your member number, contact the TPSA office at (512) 472-3232 and we will be able to assist you.

LAW CALL is available Monday - Friday between 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.