Awards & Honors

The James V. Leggett, Jr.

Humanitarian Award

The James V. Leggett, Jr. Humanitarian Award is given to members of TPSA for their outstanding service to their community and to the Texas Package Store Industry.

2014 Leggett Award

Joe Jansen
Goody Goody Liquor

TPSA Leggett Award Past Recipients

2003: James Leggett
2004: J.H. "Red" Coleman
2005: John & Lindy Rydman
2006: Austin Keith
2008: David & Margaret Jabour
2011: Judy Vordenbaum

Brown-Forman Retailer of the Year Award

The Brown-Forman Retailer of the Year Award was created to recognize and honor dedicated members of American Beverage Licensees' state and regional affiliates. The awards are presented annually at the American Beverage Licensees Convention. The Brown-Forman company, producer of the Jack Daniel's line of whiskeys, plus other spirits and wines, sponsor the award.

2018 Brown-Forman Retailer of the Year Award

Charles Leard, M & R Package Store

TPSA Brown-Forman Retailer of the Year Award
1988 - 2017

1988: Joe Dailey, Dailey’s Liquors
1989: Tom Roden, Pinkie’s
1990: James Leggett, Majestic Liquor Stores
1991: Red Coleman, Red Coleman’s Liquors
1992: Sheldon Labovitz, Kings Liquors
1993: Louis Glazer, Sigel’s
1994: John Rydman, Spec’s Wines Spirits and Finer Foods
1995: Reuben Kogut, Reuben’s Wines & Spirits
1996: Joe Mullinax, Harley’s Liquor
1997: Eddie Draper, Applejack’s
1998: Michael & David Farhat, Big Daddy’s
1999: Raul Mendez
2000: Charles Sims, Spirits
2001: David Jabour & Margaret Jabour, Twin Liquors
2002: Harry Labovitz, King’s Liquors
2003: Greg Wonsmos, Centennial
2004: Tony Bandiera, Sigel’s
2005: Austin Keith, Pinkie’s
2006: Johnny Gabriel, Gabriel’s Wine & Spirits
2007: Brent Waller, TWT
2008: Joe Jansen, Goody Goody Liquor
2009: Mike Ellington, SAMCO
2010: Ben Lanford, Majestic Liquors
2011: Kathy and Tom Duck
2012: John Herrmann, WB Liquors of Texas
2013: Jack Labovitz, Kings Liquors
2014: Kevin Sanders, Paradise Liquors
2015: George Korkmas, Tony K's
2016: Judy Vordenbaum, Judy's Liquor
2017: Debbie Mayfield, Bergheim Cellars